20150415_140515Hello. My name is Chris. Welcome. I have decided to start this blog because of all the wonderful things that God has shown me.

About me:

I have been a Christian for a long time. I was baptised when I was 13 years old. I have been part of a charismatic church and was part of their worship team. I also went to their bible school. In the last 3 years I have been on a mission to find out all I can about God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. I have searched the scriptures and looked into the original Greek and Hebrew to try and learn all I can. Through prayer, worship and study I have found some very wonderful things about my Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. I feel that God would not want me to keep this to myself. Freely I have received so freely I give.

What I believe?

Through the different posts that I will put up you might think I am a Universalist or some kind of far out weirdo. If I were to label myself I would say I am a disciple of Jesus. I thought I would let you know what I believe to settle any questions you might have.

I believe in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The three are one. How that works I have no idea but I do believe it.

I believe that Jesus died for all mankind to reconcile all of creation back to the Father.

I believe that God was in Jesus on the cross reconciling man to Himself. Not far away because he couldn’t bare to look at sin.

Jesus wiped out all sin, Saved all, made all righteous, wiped out all curses, took and healed all diseases. He undid what Adam and Eve did in the garden. He did all of this so we could have a relationship with God our Father.

I believe that God, Jesus and Holy Spirit created all things.

I believe that all the works that Jesus and the early church did are all available for us right now.

I don’t believe in eternal torment. I believe that when Jesus comes back He will separate the non- Christians on how they have treated their follow man and on their hearts. The good ones will go to Heaven and the bad ones will be refined through Jesus. The wicked will have to face what they have done in the presence of Jesus and through Him.

I believe that God is love and is not wrathful, judgemental or angry. I don’t think He uses suffering to teach us a lesson. I believe that all disasters and suffering are from satan and his angels. I believe that all the things done in the Old Testament like the 10 plagues, the flood etc. where not from God. But God tried to warn His creation of what satan was up to.

God is love and wants to know you.

I don’t think Revelation should be in the Bible.

I have also found that relaying on one version of the bible is not enough if you want the whole truth. That is why I have searched through so many versions and the interlinear’s and the Septuagint.

Holy spirit must be your guide.

There is more but those that I have mentioned are the core ones. Over the course of time I will explain in my blog’s how I have come to believe what I believe now.

Feel free to share my blog’s. If you need a copy please contact me and I will send a copy for you to download.

My first study covers some of what I believe. It’s called “what I found on the round to hell”.

Go check it out and enjoy.

God Bless.


One thing I would add. I am not saying that what I believe is gospel. I would ask that you respect my beliefs as I respect yours what ever you believe. I just want to share what I have found out. If there is anything, which you as a reader would like to add, then please tell me. I am not closed-minded. If Holy Spirit confirms what you say then I am happy to hear. I am not here to cause offence or to get into long debates about the true translations, theology or religion etc. I just want to share. I will keep the comments open. If I feel that I am not being respected or that any one else is being mistreated then I will disable the comments. Thank you for your understanding.