Pause for Thought.


I am writing this to explain why I haven’t continued with the reconciliation blog. I had it all mapped out. The bare bones of what I wanted to say. But I have found that I haven’t been able to continue with it. I had planned to write about what I thought Jesus did in the garden, in His trail and on the cross. Why did He do what He did? Why did He have to go through what He did? These where questions which I was trying to answer but having issues with.

Like I mentioned in changing theories, I have found that what I believed two weeks ago has changed, to what I believe today. Holy Spirit is constantly showing me new things all the time. To try and write new blogs about it would be quite difficult for me at this time. I do plan to finish the reconciliation blog soon. But I feel that there is more that Holy Spirit wants to show me.

I think I will leave that series for now and see what Holy Spirit wants me to share. I started these blogs because I wanted to share the things that I have been shown. They have changed my life and I believe that it’s only the beginning. I see God as my Father now. I also call Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit friends. The love that I have felt and seen from them has been amazing and this is what I want to share more than anything. The biggest truth that I have found is Father is not a far away God who needs Jesus to take you to Him and be with you both just in-case Father goes feral and attacks you. Father wants to show His love and wants a relationship with us all. Not just Christians. I could go on forever about what I have found. But I feel I have said enough for now.

What I want is to share what I know with the world so you can see Father God in the way I do. In the way that Jesus tried to tell us. It is a process like any relationship. I hope you will bear with me on this journey as I find out new things. I hope to know Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit and share that with the world.

Thanks for all your support and for reading my blogs. I have much more to share.

God Bless.


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truth for all of us

I am searching for the truth and this is what I have found.

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