Changing Theories



As I continue with my studies I have found that my beliefs can change over time. If you had showed me 5 years ago the blog I wrote then I would say you where a bit out there. As I progress with Holy Spirit to search for the truth I have been amazed by what He has shown me.

I write this blog because of the change in what I think to be true. Just after posting my blog about Hell I found a new truth. What if God was not wrathful. It was a huge thing to deal with as it rocked me to the core. Loads of questions then began to come into my head. What about the Flood? Who told Abraham to kill Isaac? What about Sodom and Gomorrah? and the list goes on. I began to look for anyone who had answered these questions. There where some but no one seam to be specific. I decided to look into it myself.

I am still researching at the moment but I feel I am close to some answers. What I have found is in John Jesus talks a lot about who He is and who God is. He also tells us how we should be. He talks about a God of love and peace. In all of the gospels Jesus tells us to love one another and our enemies. Does this sound like the God of wrath? I am not going to go into to much detail now as I haven’t finished my research but I feel I am now happy with my understanding that God is not a wrathful God and never has been and never will be. All I have to do now is show you what I have found.

There are some writers which helped me with some of my questions. Brad Jersak and Michael Hardin. They both believe in a loving and peaceful God not a God of wrath. Michaels book “The Jesus Driven Life” was good. A bit heavy for me but I got most of what he was saying. Brad’s book “a more Christ like God” was good as well. If you are looking into these areas then these two books are worth a read. They can be found on amazon.

As far as my first blog is concerned I still believe what I wrote. The only thing I don’t believe now is the judgement and punishment that some of the scriptures I quoted talk about are from God. This is a big subject to deal with. I hope you will be patient with me.

Like I have said before I don’t know all the answers and I think you should check out all these things for yourself. This is what I do all the time. Holy Spirit is my first port of call. Ask Him first and He will help you.

I hope this blesses you. I will put my next blog up soon.

God Bless




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